be plain sailing in a sentence

"be plain sailing" in Chinese  
  1. During the monsoon season it is reported to be plain sailing.
  2. This is not to say that it will all be plain sailing.
  3. It's definitely not going to be plain sailing.
  4. This wasn t to be plain sailing as the nearest rivals turned out to be the smaller Porsches.
  5. While it appeared to be plain sailing for EF Language Rudiger made it clear the fifth-leg victory was not secure.
  6. It's difficult to find be plain sailing in a sentence.
  7. Of this, Eyo said " I don't think Ruby and Ali are expecting their new life in Emmerdale to be plain sailing by any means.
  8. Later in the office, Hopkirk is explaining to Randall ( not that he can actually hear a word ) that everything from now on will be plain sailing.
  9. The northern route across the Arctic Ocean from the Atlantic to the Pacific is most likely to be plain sailing in summer, a continent of ice having been swept away by the effects of global warming.

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