be pivotal in in a sentence

"be pivotal in" in Chinese  
  1. These introductions proved to be pivotal in Hitler's ultimate rise to power.
  2. They could be pivotal in November in the battleground state of Michigan.
  3. The race could be pivotal in the battle for control of the Senate.
  4. This movement was to be pivotal in his future artistic and political life.
  5. This result would be pivotal in the end of season positions.
  6. It's difficult to find be pivotal in in a sentence.
  7. This philosophical commitment would prove to be pivotal in Rieve's life.
  8. His start tonight could be pivotal in a series tied at a game apiece.
  9. His life in London would prove to be pivotal in his future political life.
  10. This can ultimately be pivotal in the patient's recovery process.
  11. Understanding intention is thought to be pivotal in understanding social contexts in numerous ways.
  12. In theory, that means Asians could be pivotal in deciding a tight presidential campaign.
  13. Ultimately it was this friendship and trust that would be pivotal in solving this case.
  14. "Bribery continues to be pivotal in many export competitions, " the October 1996 report said.
  15. If they could have a real primary, the state might be pivotal in the nominating process.
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