be pink in a sentence

  1. One day it would be pink, the next purple.
  2. The petals may be pink, purplish, yellow, or whitish.
  3. The race was won by the Italian Noemi Cantele of Be Pink.
  4. You've got to be Pink Floyd or the Stones ."
  5. And yes, it can be pink and fizzy.
  6. It's difficult to find be pink in a sentence.
  7. The legs are usually yellow but can be pink.
  8. Will it be pink sheath dresses this time?
  9. A lung should be pink, nestling in the chest like a delicate balloon.
  10. The inside of the meat should be pink.
  11. Until Hadley requested that the pancakes be pink.
  12. Just remember it might be pink or blue.
  13. More accurate maps would be pink and lavender.
  14. These may be pink, red or white.
  15. Who on earth had to decree that nail polish had to be pink or red?
  16. Flower colors can be pink or carmine.
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