be pinched in a sentence

"be pinched" in Chinese  
  1. These can be pinched off and planted to form new plants.
  2. By contrast, it leaves USC wanting to be pinched.
  3. Barbed hooks must be pinched before being attached to a fishing line.
  4. The cluster can be pinched gently and held for a few seconds each time.
  5. In addition, sales continue to be pinched by lower prices, the ministry said.
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  7. Chrysanthemums must be pinched back several times to produce compact, bushy plants with many flowers.
  8. To be sure, some U . S . companies said they'll be pinched.
  9. But to look its best, it must be pinched regularly, and nobody likes pinching petunias.
  10. Most experts say pennies shouldn't be pinched for security given the modern history of the Olympics.
  11. The coach's pipeline to the endless talent of West Africa and the Caribbean will be pinched.
  12. In fact, the eustachian tubes are not located close enough to the mandible to be pinched off.
  13. The next time the mailman comes to call, Rufus will not wait for his tail to be pinched.
  14. These vines can be pinched back to the scale of a cubicle, but easily get out of hand.
  15. By spring, Littman added, households should be pinched as the impact of higher interest rates starts to bite.
  16. It can be pinched, rotated, kneaded, stretched, cut into sections, shattered or left to ooze.
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