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  1. A : You will be in the know with these game books.
  2. If you want to be in the know, you have to say you knew.
  3. They want to be a part of the process, to be in the know.
  4. America loves to be in the know and to see how much they can absorb.
  5. Using the Knot, Donaldson got news to those who needed to be in the know.
  6. It's difficult to find be in the know in a sentence.
  7. But there were leaks, some reporters said, from people who seemed to be in the know.
  8. Whilst editors may not be in the know of is relevence in the empowering of young people.
  9. Everybody likes to be in the know, and everybody wants to go to a bar that is happening,
  10. We'll find out what the folks who should be in the know say at the national builder's show in Dallas . ( Breyer, Austin American-Statesman ).
  11. Malaysia is the coordinator for the project and we have to be in the know, " he told reporters after talks with Austria's Finance Minister Victor Klima.
  12. The Tatmadaw must always be in the know, for without such vigilance, it will not be able to work together with the people in the long-term national interest.
  13. To be in the know, they may have to study state maps to find the precise location of Howell Mountain, the North Coast and the Russian River Valley.
  14. Too many people would have to be in the know for it not to leak out eventually . talk ) 06 : 54, 26 July 2014 ( UTC)
  15. Q . Would you care to comment on some assertions by a few folks, that may or may not be in the know, that Monica Lewinsky was less than stable?
  16. When a local area map of a place somewhere in the US is presented, everyone all over the world is assumed to be in the know about every american hinterland village.
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