be in the house in a sentence

"be in the house" in Chinese  
  1. Most people believe the toughest fight will be in the House.
  2. We could be in the house and they could be shooting,
  3. We have two chairs and a bed in the house.
  4. Many are expected to be in the House gallery when Bakhach prays.
  5. They share a 16-square-meter bed in the house.
  6. It's difficult to find be in the house in a sentence.
  7. He kept her urn by his bed in the house.
  8. Finch was going to be in the House for consideration of the resolution.
  9. It has caused me to want to be in the house a lot.
  10. He was not supposed to be in the house,
  11. But it feels good to be in the house.
  12. Method Man and Redman would be in the house.
  13. Merlin must be in the house, abracadabra somewhere.
  14. In Elizabethan custom the best bed in the house was reserved for guests.
  15. And the chance to be in the house where Ritchie lived-- gosh.
  16. Thankfully, Pedro will be in the House.
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