be in agony in a sentence

"be in agony" in Chinese  
  1. You should feel it, but not be in agony.
  2. After consulting Micheletto, who tells them Cem will be in agony for weeks, Cesare makes Juan finish what he started.
  3. "And I'm glad for the many graduate students who I knew to be in agony over the decision to withhold grades ."
  4. If we play . 500 ball, that means 81 losses, which means 81 times a year when I'll be in agony ."
  5. Meanwhile, Paris who is well appreciated for her services, seems to be in agony over a past mistake that had led her to this profession.
  6. It's difficult to find be in agony in a sentence.
  7. He seemed to be in agony as he ripped off his coat and shirt to show the horrible scars he'd gotten from bullet wounds in his back and chest during three years of combat, saying he had done all he could to defend his land and still lost.
  8. According to Bart D . Ehrman ( 1993 ) these two verses disrupt the literary structure of the scene ( the chiasmus ), they are not found in the early and valuable manuscripts, and they are the only place in Luke where Jesus is seen to be in agony.

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