be far from in a sentence

"be far from" in Chinese  
  1. If it does not, McGreevey will be far from the only loser.
  2. It will be far from easy, especially on the road in November.
  3. If we capture them tomorrow, our work would be far from over,
  4. Restored to $ 13 billion, it would still be far from Spartan.
  5. But to their surprise, it turned out to be far from uncommon.
  6. It's difficult to find be far from in a sentence.
  7. Your efforts to divert the hurricane would be far from exact too.
  8. But the nearly three-week hostage crisis appeared to be far from over.
  9. He said the Senate action would be far from the last word.
  10. Such a market would necessarily be far from " efficient ".
  11. But Chalabi's case has turned out to be far from simple.
  12. And that means the budget fight might be far from over.
  13. If the vendors resist, the transition will be far from smooth.
  14. The worst may be far from over, traders and investors said.
  15. To his critics, the Islamic world is argued to be far from monolithic.
  16. But Mogadishu, he knows, will never be far from his thoughts.
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