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  1. They could be far beyond your likely accumulation in that emergency account.
  2. And most of the thyroid cancer would be far beyond the 10-mile zone.
  3. Barring injury, that worth will certainly be far beyond $ 10 million a year.
  4. At 28, Mourning should be far beyond snarling and cocking his fists like a schoolyard bully.
  5. To suggest that we would come in with fraudulent petitions would be far beyond Al Sharpton as a person.
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  7. But the counterfeiting of ordinary consumer goods has become so widespread that restraining it appears to be far beyond Beijing's grasp.
  8. They have found the origin of at least some of the gamma-ray bursts to be far beyond the Milky Way, Earth's home galaxy.
  9. Harshbarger said the public-health benefits in the settlement would be far beyond anything that could be won in court or by government action.
  10. As a lifelong but minimally competent skater, I almost didn't bring my skates, afraid that the general skating level would be far beyond me.
  11. They quickly figure out Bart's scheme, and proceed to derail it while displaying wisdom that would normally be far beyond their age ( 8 ).
  12. But the lenders must also carry some of the blame for granting loans which should have been seen to be far beyond the borrower's ability to pay.
  13. The Germans knew the convoy would spend the night of 26 27 April evacuating troops from Nauplia and would not be far beyond the Argolic Gulf by daybreak.
  14. The mechanical stresses within the disc would be far beyond what any known material can stand, thus relegating such a structure to the realm of exploratory engineering until materials and construction science become sufficiently advanced.
  15. However, if we actually did that, the CO2 levels in the atmosphere would be far beyond " mere " global warming problems-they'd be at a point where humans ( and most animals ) couldn't breathe.
  16. The operating system runs in Ring 0, so it's tough to debug code without going to the expense of a hardware debugger, which can be far beyond the resources of the average mom-and-pop developer shop.
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