be family in a sentence

"be family" in Chinese  
  1. He seemed to be family oriented and was liked by everybody.
  2. But as usual with Robinson, it will be family first.
  3. In the stands, there will be family and friends galore.
  4. Where there are crack houses, there will be family homes.
  5. It has to be families and schools taking the kids back.
  6. It's difficult to find be family in a sentence.
  7. They may be Family but they're family, too.
  8. Five trustees were to be family members; eight were not.
  9. The touchstones would be family and friends and religion and responsibility.
  10. Cole proposes they run away together so they can be family.
  11. What will happen to the soon-to-be family?
  12. I just feel like we all got to be family,
  13. With him will be family members from Florida and friends from Utah.
  14. It used to be families taking care of their own,
  15. To me, the new trend is going to be family films,
  16. Along for the ride will be family members and fellow Vietnam veterans.
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