be dead in a sentence

"be dead" in Chinese  
  1. They would rather be dead than let the Taliban capture them.
  2. You will be dead soon enough . " _ William Saroyan
  3. They expected that the remainder would be dead by Tuesday night.
  4. But could you be dead and dreaming at the same time?
  5. I know that a week from today I will be dead.
  6. It's difficult to find be dead in a sentence.
  7. Bolton said Wednesday he considered the 1994 agreement to be dead.
  8. My parents were told I would be dead within a year.
  9. It is better to be dead than to be a red.
  10. People constantly ask him what it felt like to be dead.
  11. Park sorrowfully told the man his father would likely be dead.
  12. I thought I was going to be dead in a year,
  13. Some patients may be in relapse and others may be dead.
  14. He was skeptical of reports that bin Laden may be dead.
  15. Four sentences . . . that proved to be dead wrong.
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