be dead set against in a sentence

"be dead set against" in Chinese  
  1. Both the Senate panel and the White House should be dead set against it.
  2. On the other hand, your boss may be dead set against the idea.
  3. "I imagine that many party members would be dead set against opening a Pandora's box,"
  4. He said last year that he had been trying " to do everything possible to keep me from reoffending, but everyone seems to be dead set against that ."
  5. Weizmann consulted several times with Samuel on the homeland policy during 1915, but Herbert Asquith, then Prime Minister, would be dead set against upsetting the balance of power on the Middle East.
  6. It's difficult to find be dead set against in a sentence.
  7. At least three National League owners are reported to be dead set against letting Fox into their henhouse : Ted Turner ( Atlanta Braves ), the Tribune Company ( Chicago Cubs ) and Wayne Huizenga ( Florida Marlins ).
  8. If Robert Del Naja, Steve Ballmer or John Siracusa showed up and started editing Wikipedia articles that cast their products in a favourable light, that'd be a clear WP : COI violation, and I'd be dead set against it.

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