be dead meat in a sentence

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  1. Feingold's going to be dead meat by Christmas ."
  2. They don't want to be dead meat, " he said.
  3. If I cut out too much, we'd be dead meat ."
  4. If you are what you eat, I don't want to be dead meat.
  5. Whoever won would probably be dead meat for the fall unless the world caves in on Davis.
  6. It's difficult to find be dead meat in a sentence.
  7. But without the aptly named Farm Sanctuary, the animals living the life of Riley here would be dead meat.
  8. "If I told you, " said Thiessen, " I'd be dead meat ."
  9. Auckland chef Yuji Minagawa must be wondering whether he'll be dead meat if he dares restore Dancing Crayfish to his menu.
  10. "I know that, if Linda were here, I'd be dead meat for having a new girlfriend,"
  11. When Sam fires, Bugs does the same thing and the chief tells Sam he will be dead meat if he does it again.
  12. Tower, on the other hand, with nobody really for him but the Republicans ( then a distinct minority in Texas politics ) would be dead meat at the next election.
  13. "He'd be dead meat, " said Rich Gray, an intellectual property and antitrust attorney with Bergeson, Eliopoulos, Grady & AMP; Gray in San Jose.
  14. Whether or not Congress manages to clean up the rotten system won't matter all that much, because candidates caught taking hot money will be dead meat, while candidates who play by the new self-sacrificing rules will thrive.
  15. In 2005, he said " it was obvious that if I voted against the resolution that I would be dead meat in the race, just handing them in a victory . " He characterized his vote for war as " the worst vote I cast ."

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