be dazed in a sentence

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  1. Will Eddie Belfour still be dazed and confused?
  2. Sosa looked to be dazed but not injured.
  3. The monkey turns out only to be dazed and joins Buster on his venture.
  4. He is said to be dazed and dashed by the completeness and suddenness of his humiliation.
  5. The Viking pulls out the arrow, only to be dazed by a second arrow striking his helmet.
  6. It's difficult to find be dazed in a sentence.
  7. A time-traveler from the 1980s would be dazed by the capitals of former Soviet Central Asia and the Caucasus.
  8. Hybl also appeared to be dazed the previous week when hit hard and often in a 38-37 victory over Kansas State.
  9. Viewers can expect to be dazed and confused by the chaotic changes that are coming to network television, now that the February sweeps gone.
  10. He dropped immediately and appeared to be dazed, although he was speaking later to trainers as concerned players from both teams gathered around him.
  11. Dawson quickly rose to an 8-count and appeared to be dazed but managed to see out the round and return to his corner.
  12. But locking the doors will make life more difficult for emergency crews to get you out, should you be dazed and / or confused.
  13. Look again at the 77, which included more missed greens than she has in a month, and it's easy to be dazed.
  14. Flower pots are occasionally dropped from windows, which, if one hits a person, they will be dazed, and will lose 5 stamina units.
  15. Even the homeless man in the street, whom you'd expect to be dazed by cold and alcohol, has a certain lucidity regarding his situation.
  16. It seemed to be dazed for a minute or two but started to run and was quickly secured and placed in a basket that had been provided for that purpose.
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