be damned in a sentence

"be damned" in Chinese  
  1. "The law be damned, " he said.
  2. I'll be damned if I let this one go!
  3. Guilt or innocence be damned _ the true curse is anonymity.
  4. It's too much like saying the public be damned.
  5. Sounds like a dangerous work environment, but OSHA be damned.
  6. It's difficult to find be damned in a sentence.
  7. Or would you scream like hell, court protocol be damned?
  8. Do you focus on art, and the audience be damned?
  9. "Well, I'll be damned ."
  10. "Well, I'll be damned,"
  11. His coach praises Rodman for motivating himself, rules be damned.
  12. And, facts and testimony be damned, we stood our ground.
  13. Must be damned important for you to reach Moscow today.
  14. I'll be damned if I know the future ."
  15. Serve your supporters at all costs, enemies be damned.
  16. Patten is determined to press ahead, critics be damned.
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