be damaged in a sentence

"be damaged" in Chinese  
  1. In head injuries, these same blood vessels may be damaged.
  2. Showalter said, when reminded that any cohesion could be damaged.
  3. Yet some of these chemicals can be damaging to your health.
  4. They know their interests can be damaged by a Powell run.
  5. The rains eased concerns the crop would be damaged by dryness.
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  7. No one has to perform if the remedy can be damages.
  8. He has a bad back and forever will be damaged goods.
  9. It also makes me think he knows it could be damaged.
  10. The Huskies continue to be damaged by their own poor shooting.
  11. The bells did not appear to be damaged, Sokolov said.
  12. Both sides acknowledged that they could be damaged by the impasse.
  13. The language of adoption alone can be damaging, says Spencer.
  14. Rev a car engine too high and it can be damaged.
  15. Continued procrastination would be damaging to both the eurozone and Britain.
  16. Guess he thought any expression of personal gratitude would be damaging.
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