be beautiful in a sentence

  1. Neither ever asked you to be beautiful and lovely and ethereal.
  2. An audience desires women to be beautiful and loved and loving,
  3. The mountains may be beautiful, but who can see them.
  4. Her poems " are meant to be beautiful,"
  5. He's going to be beautiful, though ."
  6. It's difficult to find be beautiful in a sentence.
  7. In about a year this walk is going to be beautiful,
  8. Be sure of one thing : every woman can be beautiful,
  9. "It's going to be beautiful,"
  10. "But I'm not here to be beautiful.
  11. I find it's so much pressure to be beautiful.
  12. In pre-Hispanic Philippines they were believed to be beautiful.
  13. Yogos tend to be beautiful, small, and very expensive.
  14. I do think the ( evolution ) will be beautiful to watch.
  15. Gee, I bet he'd be beautiful then all right.
  16. If people are going to go naked, they should be beautiful.
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