be beaten in a sentence

"be beaten" in Chinese  
  1. It suggests there are ways the HIV virus can be beaten.
  2. Orlando can be beaten because anything can happen in the playoffs.
  3. Thrills are addictive, but an adrenaline jones can be beaten.
  4. Unfortunately, not all domestic problems can be beaten so decisively.
  5. That doesn't mean they can't be beaten.
  6. It's difficult to find be beaten in a sentence.
  7. Yes, McLemore said, but the Yankees can be beaten.
  8. We are going to be beaten by that Chicago hockey club.
  9. Put the whites aside at room temperature to be beaten later.
  10. Sheep and goats exist to be beaten before they are slaughtered.
  11. And Ghaffari is convinced Karelin can be beaten _ right here.
  12. One thing is clear : This community will not be beaten.
  13. The Yugoslavs can be beaten, we have nothing to lose,
  14. If you like to be beaten, you should stay home.
  15. They are afraid that they could be beaten if they return,
  16. Nothing, because they are only there to be beaten again.
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