be beaten up in a sentence

"be beaten up" in Chinese  
  1. He could be beaten up, but never beaten down.
  2. No one volunteers to be beaten up the way nurses are today.
  3. The angry Cao ordered Zhang to be beaten up and driven away.
  4. No one signed up for anything on Wikipedia to be beaten up.
  5. I don't want to be beaten up.
  6. It's difficult to find be beaten up in a sentence.
  7. Crooks answered, " Nobody deserves to be beaten up ."
  8. I was afraid that I was about to be beaten up or killed.
  9. He let himself be beaten up by a grandmother.
  10. If he tries, he will be beaten up.
  11. No journalist should be beaten up as happened in Timisoara a week ago.
  12. Someone has to be beaten up.
  13. In order to be beaten up or shot, you have to fit a police profile.
  14. A day-boat fish can be beaten up on the deck or be iced down improperly.
  15. After the accident he ran from the site because he would otherwise be beaten up by people.
  16. Also, it is possible to be beaten up repetitively by the opponent once the player is cornered.
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