be beat in a sentence

"be beat" in Chinese  
  1. Teams constantly picked on Raymond because they knew he could be beat.
  2. You are facing a week where you could be beat very easily.
  3. But I felt coming in here that he could be beat.
  4. There is no reason in any of our minds we should be beat.
  5. But we still carry that attitude that we can't be beat.
  6. It's difficult to find be beat in a sentence.
  7. I know Armstrong is very strong, but he can be beat.
  8. As pure spectacle, the World Cup could hardly be beat.
  9. For this kind of shooting, blunt arrows cannot be beat.
  10. Raichlen swears this style of cooking chicken can't be beat.
  11. He can be beat like anybody else in this league,
  12. I refuse to think a team can't be beat ."
  13. They can be beat, just like we can be beat.
  14. It gives everybody the opinion that you can be beat.
  15. These are the incredible edibles that just can't be beat.
  16. As a piece of technology, it could not be beat.
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