be based upon in a sentence

"be based upon" in Chinese  
  1. Dewey advocated that education be based upon the quality of experience.
  2. Or it may be based upon an immediate need for funds.
  3. Such complaints would have to be based upon personal knowledge.
  4. Starting pitching is what any success is going to be based upon.
  5. I think it ought to be based upon merit ."
  6. It's difficult to find be based upon in a sentence.
  7. Any earnings or sales representations made shall be based upon documented facts.
  8. The court noted that an arrest must be based upon probable cause.
  9. I cannot believe that his account will not be based upon confidential communications.
  10. OS X will be based upon a Unix work-alike called Mach.
  11. Their operation must be based upon solid financing schemes.
  12. This will be based upon facts, not opinions.
  13. It may be freely copied and derivative works may be based upon it.
  14. The assessments should be based upon standards-aligned to the learning goal.
  15. Bargaining should be based upon the existing system.
  16. Ben Canaan is also reported, however, to be based upon Yehudah Arazi.
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