be at hand in a sentence

"be at hand" in Chinese  
  1. That has some investors thinking a recovery may be at hand.
  2. Such a national organization for thoroughbred racing may be at hand.
  3. It appears an elusive cease-fire could be at hand.
  4. One wrong move and World War III would be at hand.
  5. But peace may not be at hand, key leaders said.
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  7. For a handful of commuters, a solution may be at hand.
  8. Which, as of Monday, may be at hand.
  9. be at hand when needed; but now, for the king,
  10. Officially, a race might seem to be at hand.
  11. Neither Israeli nor Palestinian negotiators indicated a deal might be at hand.
  12. The day of your liberation may soon be at hand,
  13. Two battalions soon overran Papelotte and victory seemed to be at hand.
  14. Surely the demise of the gentlemen's game must be at hand.
  15. His day of redemption seemed to be at hand.
  16. For some Iowa straw poll losers, that time may be at hand.
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