be at ease with in a sentence

"be at ease with" in Chinese  
  1. He never seemed to be at ease with himself and others.
  2. Doohan seems to be at ease with this track,
  3. Boyd has shown himself to be at ease with a startling diversity of settings and subjects.
  4. What signs have you given me that I can be at ease with you in my house?
  5. The world could be ending, and Henry Thomas would still joke and be at ease with his teammates.
  6. It's difficult to find be at ease with in a sentence.
  7. Close enough to creation to be at ease with all mankind, and thereby able to serve them better ."
  8. This does not mean that we will ever be at ease with the death penalty or stop picking at its edges.
  9. Peter likes the ship HMS " Centurion ", but takes time to be at ease with naval discipline.
  10. I'm going to put in as much time as I can to try to be at ease with this offense.
  11. Anthony, the biographer, said Mrs . Clinton had learned to be at ease with the press over the last six years.
  12. He appeared to be at ease with the task of winning over a jury that had heard often damning testimony from 35 prosecution witnesses.
  13. It is fine visual and imaginative training, this learning to be at ease with something that on the surface seems quite removed from you.
  14. Totaling the balance sheet of good times and bum times, Stritch has learned to be at ease with herself . " I have no regrets.
  15. Part of Chirac's appeal has been that, unlike the stiff Balladur, Chirac seems to enjoy rubbing elbows with voters and to be at ease with himself.
  16. In a proper I'm OK / you're OK world, I would be at ease with my body type ( old ), condition ( iffy ) and silhouette ( cylindrical ).
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