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  1. The most significant growth on the dining scene appears to be at dinner rather than lunch.
  2. He may be at dinner with friends or asleep at home when he is called to a scene to help family or friends of the victim, or the firefighters and paramedics.
  3. "It used to be at dinner parties I had to explain to people what aquaculture is, " said Tom Royal, president of Atlantic Salmon of Maine, which also employs Des Fitzgerald.
  4. The Duke would be at dinner . / Make a short shrift; he longs to see your head . " ( 3.4 . 94-5 ) The idea of Hastings'head as a sort of human hors d'oeuvre, garnished with strawberries, is horrible but apt . ( The Duchess of Malfi, put to death on her brothers'orders, ends her life with the words " Go tell my brothers, when I am laid out, / They then may feed in quiet . " ) In the same way, it's revealing that the Richard of the later scenes has gone off his food.
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