be at an advantage in a sentence

"be at an advantage" in Chinese  
  1. This animal would be at an advantage over another animal that gives up too easily.
  2. Meaning that investors could be at an advantage or disadvantage when buying or selling shares.
  3. The guys who makes the right decision a majority of the time will be at an advantage.
  4. Red Star coach Milorad Kosoanovic said he expected the Yugoslavians to be at an advantage despite playing away in Volgograd.
  5. A native speaker is going to be at an advantage if his language is chosen at the medium of international communication.
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  7. Thus a plant may be at an advantage if it attracts several species or types of pollinators, ensuring pollen transfer every year.
  8. Students who pass may be at an advantage when applying for a future job or a student place once they graduate from Helsingin yhteislyseo.
  9. A Dubliner has the edge with a Beckett play just as a Londoner would be at an advantage with, say, a Pinter play.
  10. "I think the stronger players will be at an advantage, " said Inkster, last week's winner in Tucson.
  11. Children may actually be at an advantage as far as disease outcome is concerned, but the sample size is too small to draw any scientific conclusion,
  12. Maxey agreed that the House will be at an advantage in the coming months since Laney is sticking around while the rest of state leadership is in transition.
  13. The Sun Devils will also be at an advantage because USC's top wide receiver, Steve Smith, will not play and may be lost for the season.
  14. The researchers say they are not yet sure why the cells evolve to be bigger, though they speculate that larger cells might be at an advantage in making use of resources.
  15. Anyone here can just go to it, be it only two or three people of whatever amount so you can be at an advantage, if you know what I mean.
  16. A group of riders that " breaks away " ( a " break " ) from the peloton has more space and freedom, and can therefore be at an advantage in certain situations.
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