be at a meeting in a sentence

"be at a meeting" in Chinese  
  1. There needs to be at a meeting like this a level of civility.
  2. And they are much too Republican to be at a meeting of the Sun City Democrats.
  3. John Labriola, a freelance photographer, happened to be at a meeting in one of the towers on Sept . 11.
  4. Later Frank DeCicco reported that Paul Castellano had sent him a message to be at a meeting at Spark's Restaurant in Manhattan.
  5. While Carey is performing the confirmations at Truro Church in Fairfax, Lee said, he will be at a meeting near Dulles International Airport on a church pension fund.
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  7. A top aide to Hynes told me : " You can be at a meeting where an event is planned and not be a member of the conspiracy ."
  8. Desperately wanting the library steps _ which she found on eBay, the Internet auction site _ so she could reach her collection of rare books on the top shelves of her living room, she asked someone she works with to bid for her, because at the crucial moment, just before the auction closed, she was going to be at a meeting in London.

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