be at a loss to in a sentence

"be at a loss to" in Chinese  
  1. But a lawyer might be at a loss to give clear advice.
  2. No one will be at a loss to understand what is meant.
  3. "I suspect the Republicans will not be at a loss to have initiatives, " said Representative Maxine Waters, a California Democrat.
  4. Or is it because you'd be at a loss to figure out what to do with yourself if you took your hand from the plow?
  5. It is funny when you write some that some just come together so much more easily than others and you can be at a loss to figure out why.
  6. It's difficult to find be at a loss to in a sentence.
  7. Not nearly as many people in this country would mistake Poland for Afghanistan now, nor would they be at a loss to name Osama bin Laden as the terrorist leader.
  8. But the bank may be at a loss to explain why it took on Salinas and all his millions when he had a maximum official salary of $ 190, 000 a year.
  9. We have endeavored to tell them correctly, according to the ancient authorities, so that when the reader finds them referred to he may not be at a loss to recognize the reference.
  10. While there may be many women who would fit the profile, an all-male board may be at a loss to tap into the extensive network of women necessary to narrow the list of suitable candidates.
  11. Now, in a freer society and a fast-developing economy that demands labor mobility, it appears increasingly outdated, and the authorities seem to be at a loss to cope with a " floating population " that may surpass 100 million people nationwide.
  12. Only editors relatively unfamiliar with the topic, coming to an easy conclusion that this is a POV fork, which it most certainly is not ( I'd be at a loss to decide what POV this article favors ), have voted for merge or delete.
  13. But even Paci concedes that Sophie's list, with its instant access to sources and costs, makes shopping easier . " If it weren't for this, " he said, " I'd be at a loss to pick things that interested her ."
  14. Cear?feels that their manager Ancelotti why he offered no explanation as to why he has been dropped and admits his situation is unlikely to change any time soon and claims to be at a loss to explain his snub, with no-one having communicated to him why he now finds himself on the bench.
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