be astounded at in a sentence

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  1. Even with these extras, you may be astounded at how little you will have to pay.
  2. You'll be astounded at the clever little world Steiner has created from everyday objects such as ticket stubs, cheese graters and coin purses.
  3. "If we could listen to ourselves as we converse, we would probably be astounded at how often we speak mindlessly, " she writes.
  4. Anyone who has bemoaned the crush of Yosemite visitors in summer will be astounded at how wide-open it seems to be in the dead of winter.
  5. You'll be astounded at the number of beer choices at the Sunset Grill and Tap : more than 112 beers on tap and more than 370 in bottles.
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  7. "I think the drug industry would be astounded at the charges we're too cozy with them, " he said . " I spend a lot of time dealing with complaints from the drug industry ."
  8. To look at early photographs of the scrawny crooner who finagled his way out of Tommy Dorsey's band and laid siege at the Paramount Theater is to be astounded at how little he had to work with _ beyond The Voice.
  9. "The Art of the Fellowship of the Ring " by Gary Russell ( Houghton Mifflin, $ 35 ) : Kindly old Professor Tolkien would be astounded at the digital magic used to create the latest movie incarnation of his Ringbearer yarn.
  10. Many visitors will be astounded at the diversity, abundance and intensity of nightlife establishments ranging from modern bars for yuppies to seedier pubs where tourists, English-speaking immigrants and occasional natives congregate for pitchers of beer and high decibels of Led Zeppelin.
  11. You will find here the edifices, columns, and pyramids that she had built both at Rhodes and Halicarnassus, which will serve as remembrances for those who reflect on our times and who will be astounded at your own buildings the palaces at the Tuileries, Montceaux, and Saint-Maur, and the infinity of others that you have constructed, built, and embellished with sculptures and beautiful paintings.

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