be assured in a sentence

"be assured" in Chinese  
  1. People want to be assured that basic supports will be available.
  2. Only through competition can consumers be assured of the best price.
  3. People rightly want to be assured that the quality is there.
  4. Whatever your choice, you can be assured of dramatic vistas.
  5. You can be assured that I am not a good loser.
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  7. Be assured Burns will get the most out of his players.
  8. Be assured that Flutie will be using a different game plan.
  9. Closer strategic cooperation between Russia and China will also be assured.
  10. And be assured that the GSA will order no more changes.
  11. We will be assured of those lucrative playoff dates next spring.
  12. He said non-Muslims should be assured of their rights.
  13. Be assured you will have the support of the Mexican people.
  14. Be assured we will take weapons to swiftly end this rebellion,
  15. Now you can be assured that Netanyahu has lost the race,
  16. Only the winner would be assured a place in Euro 2000.
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