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  1. As president, Bill Clinton may be accident-prone, but he is not risk-averse.
  2. If skiers and boarders use some common sense, there won't be accidents ."
  3. "We don't have to ask if there will be accidents as a result of this,"
  4. _There will be accidents, so plan on them.
  5. "You put guns on planes and there will be accidents, " said BALPA spokesman Keith Bill.
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  7. Due to his impulsive and short-tempered behavior and stubborn and naive nature, Fred seems to be accident-prone.
  8. It seems there used to be accidents here almost every week with all those cars whizzing by.
  9. They also tend to be accident-prone.
  10. He had no intent to murder her; therefore, the killing of the decedent appeared then to be accident.
  11. "They said there'll be accidents on Route 2, due to black ice from the shadows of the temple.
  12. There may be accidents in the field or incidents with people who have not given up their hatred.
  13. Nearly in the same situation as Gage and DeSoto, McCall was also occasionally known to be accident-prone at times.
  14. If you have trouble concentrating, if you tend to be accident prone, then perhaps you should take up another hobby.
  15. The ATP Tour media relations staff compile statistics on each player, including stitches for Ivanisevic who seems to be accident-prone.
  16. He warned there could be accidents because the replacement personnel were not experienced in the specialized jobs they were now doing.
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