be a copycat in a sentence

"be a copycat" in Chinese  
  1. Which is to say, don't be a copycat.
  2. Daredevil tells Spider-Man that Emil Gregg must be a copycat.
  3. Possible Bambifan sock, but may be a copycat.
  4. :: Might be a copycat vandal.
  5. "We didn't want it to be a copycat of Disney ."
  6. It's difficult to find be a copycat in a sentence.
  7. The IP might be a copycat, a wannabe, or he might try to lead us astray.
  8. The bombing occurred only one day after the Oklahoma City bombing and is considered to be a copycat action.
  9. Could there be a copycat killer on the loose, or did " Crazy Wolf " have something up his sleeve?
  10. "There might be a copycat person out there looking to John Salvi as a hero, " said Verhoeven.
  11. It may be a copycat, but it is solid, luxurious and, at $ 54, 550, competitively priced.
  12. "It could be a copycat, " said Oakland police Capt . Pete Dunbar, leader of the task force.
  13. The attack came a month after nerve gas killed 12 people in the Tokyo subways, and police suggested it might be a copycat crime.
  14. Should there be a copycat suicide lurking in the viewing audience, maybe he'll show more respect for the demographic imperatives of commercial TV.
  15. Gutierrez, 45, has also been accused of showing an authoritarian streak, raising fears in many Ecuadoreans that he may be a copycat version of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
  16. The prosecutor's office said the would-be attack could be a copycat crime touched off by a series of letter bombings by right-wing extremists in neighboring Austria.
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