be a confusion of in a sentence

"be a confusion of" in Chinese  
  1. :There appearer to be a confusion of terms here.
  2. However, this story may be a confusion of what concubines of Emperor Wu of Jin did . ) She bore him one son, Liu Jun the Prince of Shixing, in 429.
  3. While Rhys'suggestion is not implausible, his reference to Gwriad's father Gwrian contradicts the royal pedigree, which says that Gwriad's father was Elidir, so this may be a confusion of two different people named Gwriad.
  4. Mylitta is the name by which the Assyrians know this goddess, to whom the Persians referred as Anahita . " ( The original name here is Mithra, which has since been explained to be a confusion of Anahita with Mithra, understandable since they were commonly worshipped together in one temple ).
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