be a clown in a sentence

  1. "Be a clown, " the song says.
  2. If you want to be a clown, join the circus,
  3. He is considered to be a clown in contemporary Balinese stories.
  4. In the early days, Tomba was happy to be a clown.
  5. You'd be a clown to miss it ".
  6. It's difficult to find be a clown in a sentence.
  7. It's summer : time to run away and be a clown.
  8. A sixth-generation circus performer, Larible wanted to be a clown.
  9. She learned acrobatics, too, but her dream was to be a clown.
  10. To be a clown is a gift.
  11. E ) Be fun and light-hearted but don't be a clown.
  12. HOLE 8 : Ever since he was 8, Larible knew he would be a clown.
  13. "Don't be a clown, be serious about helping our church ."
  14. "I didn't want to be a clown, " he once said.
  15. Be a clown, Boardman advised : " Work special outfits for special occasions ."
  16. It's not to be a clown or to put on a show for the crowd.
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