be a bundle of nerves in a sentence

"be a bundle of nerves" in Chinese  
  1. "I'll be a bundle of nerves on Sunday.
  2. Most mothers would be a bundle of nerves, placing their children's lives in the hands of a stranger.
  3. Without such training, the horse will be a bundle of nerves in the gate, resulting in kicking, rearing and a bad start.
  4. "I'm sure I'll be a bundle of nerves, " said the 6-foot, 6-inch Brady.
  5. Given his surroundings, and given the fact that Tennessee's Phillip Fulmer is about to coach the biggest game of his life, he should be a bundle of nerves.
  6. It's difficult to find be a bundle of nerves in a sentence.
  7. The thinking in the Bills huddle and on the Buffalo sideline was that Law, who was stepping in for recently departed Maurice Hurst, would be a bundle of nerves and fall for both this play and The Hitch and Go.

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