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  1. Their concept is that it should be a brick and mortar something,
  2. South Carolina could be a brick wall or a springboard for him, with primaries on Tuesday in Georgia, New England and elsewhere.
  3. What appeared to be a brick home with a sloping rooftop really was all a prop made of concrete that hid a dilapidated neighborhood.
  4. Today, the pit might be a brick oven above the ground, or even a custom-made structure of steel and brick, with all sorts of filtering devices.
  5. It was strictly a bonus that Deion turned out to be a brick of a chap, the kind of guy who would swerve his car off a cliff to avoid squashing your pet dog.
  6. It's difficult to find be a brick in a sentence.
  7. But he added, " If the house of cards is crumbling, I would suggest that while it may be a brick at a time, it will bring a whole wall down ."
  8. The foundation, for instance, is now required by building codes to be made of concrete, not brick, but there will be a brick veneer and lattice so that the couple will never see the difference.
  9. FINAL WORD : Back and forth Shaquille O'Neal went this week with good-natured sparring over his remark in a television interview that he would be a brick wall and Bryant a Corvette when Bryant drove the lane for the first time in today's game.
  10. Dickenson is stated to have resided there since 20 March 1894 and improvements to the land were reported to be a brick house, valued at ?50, a detached kitchen clad in weatherboards, yards and a large hardwood shed in the approximate position of the stables, all roofed in galvanised iron.
  11. "Originally the museum was going to be a bricks-and-mortar stand-alone facility, " said Marsha Semmel, president and chief executive of the Women of the West Museum, based in Boulder, Colo . " What we are doing is what many businesses are doing _ adapting to the changing ways people spend their time and get their information.
  12. Tom Stiff and churchgoers collected money at various points in Headington in 1959 such as outside the Westminster Bank at 91 High Street Headington, and in Barton, Risinghurst and Sandhills, holding up posters that read,'Be a brick  Buy a brick  Bob a Brick .'Passers-by were urged to give a'bob'or 1 /-to pay for one brick.
  13. David Stern likens a pro basketball season to " 1, 200 episodes of reality programming . " In Saturday afternoon's presentations of " Survivor, NBA Arena, " Shaq promises to be a brick wall when Kobe the Corvette drives the lane, after the Pistons drop in on an Indianapolis crowd sure to be revved up for the rematch of last month's pileup in suburban Detroit that has made a wreckage of the Pacers'road to glory.

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