be a blank in a sentence

"be a blank" in Chinese  
  1. "For Democrats, we don't intend to be a blank check or ATM,"
  2. And it's not everybody who gets a chance to be a blank page.
  3. When Anjali opens the painting, it is revealed to be a blank sheet.
  4. "If we blow this thing, we will be a blank, " he said.
  5. Januszkiewicz says, " Jazz can be a blank canvas full of possibilities ."
  6. It's difficult to find be a blank in a sentence.
  7. When you finish reading, your mind will be as blank as your eyes.
  8. Life was going to be a blank check for Percy Miller.
  9. You don't want your client to be a blank but famous face ."
  10. "Any resolution can't be a blank check . . . . War is war.
  11. This could be a blank year, or Jose Maria could return in early autumn,
  12. But the support would not be a blank check, he said in a telephone interview.
  13. So at least he's supposed to be a blank.
  14. It turned out to be a blank sample ballot.
  15. In one of the guns was to be a blank, but no one would ever know which.
  16. "You can't be a blank-minded ingenue.
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