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  1. In 2016, ParcelMap BC will be accessible through myLTSA . The LTSA is developing ParcelMap BC in collaboration with the BC Government, BC Assessment, The Association of British Columbia Land Surveyors and the Integrated Cadastral Information Society.
  2. As price reduction requests continued, the concern over the viability of the mines led the BC Assessment Authority to lower the 1987 property assessments for the Quintette mine from CAD $ 156 million to $ 89 million and the Bullmoose mine $ 70 million to $ 43 million.
  3. In that capacity, Williams was responsible, or co-responsible, for the Royal Commission on Forestry ( the Pearce Report ); the Columbia Basin Trust; the purchase and management of Ocean Falls pulp and paper mills and township; the acquisition and management of Columbia Cellulose, re-named Canadian Cellulose, a sulphite, sawmill, and bleached kraft mills operation in Prince Rupert, Terrace, and Castlegar; the BC Assessment Authority; the Agricultural Land Reserve and Commission; the first resort-municipality in Canada, created for the Whistler / Blackcomb complex; as Minister of Parks, a doubling of Provincial Park acreage in British Columbia, including creation of the Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Provincial Park, protecting 1.6 million acres and the largest known herd of woodland caribou; Robson Square and its attendant Law Courts in downtown Vancouver; refurbishment and operation of the SS Princess Marguerite electric-diesel ferry service from Victoria to Seattle; and, expansion of the role and authority of the Environment and Land Use Secretariat.
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