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  1. Ensign Richard Bates of the Coast Guard told The Associated Press.
  2. The sole holdout is Hyundai Motor America, a Bates account.
  3. Second down, Bates and Biekert stopped Rivers for no gain.
  4. Bates was the first member of the 761st to be wounded.
  5. Bates admitted that directing serves dual purposes for her, careerwise.
  6. It's difficult to find bating in a sentence.
  7. But Bates, Jackson and Gagner aren't so sure.
  8. At ASU, for instance, Edinger can point to Bates.
  9. This time linebacker James Bates got it at the Tennessee 30.
  10. The Army awarded Bates the Legion of Merit for his efforts.
  11. EDS selected Bates last month after a seven-month review.
  12. (The Bates touchdown ) was just bad tackling all around.
  13. Receiver D'Wayne Bates caught seven passes for 145 yards.
  14. Naomi Sue Bates, 18, Franklin, Franklin High School.
  15. Son Scott, 19, is a freshman at Bates College.
  16. Brendan Walsh, Doug Wood and Shawn Bates also had goals.
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