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  1. :Collegues, pleaselook at the bathyscape article.
  2. The heavy bathyscape was being used in oceanographic research operations in the Puerto Rican Trench.
  3. A bathyscape consists of a tank of ( relatively ) incompressible oil tank, controllable ballast, and a heaviar-than water payload.
  4. The AK carried the French bathyscape Archimedes from Toulon, France, to San Juan, P . R ., in April 1964.
  5. These pirates, led by Kurt Vogel, are using newly developed bathyscape technology to reach the sea floor and scour recent shipwrecks for gold and other booty before officially sanctioned salvage operations arrive.
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  7. In their absence, less capable bathyscapes with short-lived batteries and antiquated diving bells, none of which could fight the strong undersea currents, wasted three days trying to latch onto the Kursk's escape hatch.
  8. Hunkin's " Under the Pier Show " at Southwold Pier, England is a frisked by multiple, inflated rubber gloves ), the " Bathyscape " ( a device that simulates a brief submarine adventure ) and a somewhat rude sculptural clock.
  9. By contrast, people in bathyscapes and submarines are in real danger of getting crushed by those titanic forces of which you speak-because they're keeping a volume of space at a lower ( standard-atmosphere ) pressure than the surrounding water-so there's an imbalance of pressure, and thus the water exerts a crushing force on the hull .-- Talk 14 : 32, 12 Jun 2004 ( UTC)

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