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  1. Bathypelagic zone : 1000m-4000m 4.
  2. It and the mesopelagic and bathypelagic zones at a depth of, but usually occurs below.
  3. As they mature, the young begin their gradual descent to the mesopelagic and eventually bathypelagic zones.
  4. This species is presumed to live out its entire life in the open ocean, at bathypelagic zone.
  5. It has a worldwide distribution in tropical and subtropical waters, in the mesopelagic and bathypelagic zones at a depth of.
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  7. It is generally found in the Bathypelagic zone in the Southeast Pacific near Chile and can grow to be up to long.
  8. Mature bolitaenids occupy depths in the meso-to bathypelagic zones of the water column, down to about 1, 425 m.
  9. This is the "'midnight "'or bathypelagic zone, extending from 1000 metres to the bottom deep water benthic zone.
  10. This is the "'midnight "'or bathypelagic zone, extending from 1000 m to the bottom deep water benthic zone.
  11. It is found in the Mesopelagic and bathypelagic zones, and is known to occur at depths of between 400 and 1, 400 metres.
  12. What little energy is available in the bathypelagic zone filters from above in the form of detritus, faecal material, and the occasional invertebrate or mesopelagic fish.
  13. Many forms other than fish live in the bathypelagic zone, such as squid, large whales, octopuses, sponges, brachiopods, sea stars, and echinoids, but this zone is difficult for fish to live in.
  14. It is a small, deep maroon-colored squid that inhabits the meso-and bathypelagic zones of all oceans of the world, and is particularly abundant in the Southern Ocean where it seems to be the dominant small deep-sea squid . " B . abyssicola " normally occurs at depths from, but has been recorded from.

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