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  1. If necessary, bathymetric survey operations may recommence in the future.
  2. These bathymetric conditions have been known by mariners to cause rogue waves.
  3. Bathymetric surveys are a subset of the science of hydrography.
  4. Malaysia also commits vessels to the bathymetric survey and underwater search effort.
  5. Late 1990s bathymetric studies showed that it had vertical fault scarps approaching.
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  7. Bathymetric data suggests there were two palaeo-basins in the Persian Gulf.
  8. GEBCO provides a range of bathymetric data sets and data products, including:
  9. The search is conducted in areas where the bathymetric survey has been completed.
  10. A bathymetric chart does show marine topology accurately.
  11. The ridge was mapped during the National Bathymetric Survey of Israel by multibeam sonar.
  12. He was the first one to create a bathymetric map of the Arctic basin.
  13. From 1906 to 1910, he led topographic and bathymetric research expeditions at Svalbard.
  14. A general bathymetric chart was completed in 2006.
  15. Canadian Hydrographic Service chart number 4486 is the bathymetric navigational data repository for the area.
  16. bathymetric mapping sonar, the Inmarsat satellite communications system, and a Global Position Indicator.
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