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  1. Thoulet wanted to show that the few bathymetric measurements available for the vast oceans would only vaguely approximate the true relief of the ocean floors.
  2. The taking and analysis of bathymetric measurements is one of the core areas of modern hydrography, and a fundamental component in ensuring the safe transport of goods worldwide.
  3. "Pioneer " then set out from Kodiak to conduct ocean surveys in the North Pacific Ocean between the Aleutian Islands and Hawaiian Islands to the limit of LORAN-C control, during which she again released weather balloons and made frequent meteorological reports, conducted bathymetric measurements, employed her magnetometer and gravity meter, took bottom core samples in Shelikof Strait, discovered a layer of warm water at depths of 320 to 440 feet ( 97.5 to 134 meters ) between 53 degrees North latitude, across all sounding lines, and discovered eleven seamounts.
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