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  1. Bathymetric data suggests there were two palaeo-basins in the Persian Gulf.
  2. GEBCO provides a range of bathymetric data sets and data products, including:
  3. Transects across it by older, less precise singlebeam echosounder are few and insufficient to provide bathymetric data of significant detail.
  4. The understanding Macquarie Triple Junction is primarily known due to of studying of seismicity, gravitational, magnetic and bathymetric data of the region.
  5. largest flood in 20th-century Canadian history, which led to the investigation of the fjord bottom using bathymetric data to determine slope stability.
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  7. The SRTM30Plus dataset ( used in NASA World Wind ) attempts to combine GTOPO30, SRTM and bathymetric data to produce a truly global elevation model.
  8. A CARIS Spatial Archive, often referred to as a CSAR file, is a data storage mechanism designed for storing large amounts of bathymetric data.
  9. "Above and Below " was fabricated at Walla Walla Foundry in Washington utilizing the bathymetric data gathered from the river bottom and cavern ceiling.
  10. The ATSB releases a video titled " Bathymetry of the MH370 Search Area ", which presents a visualisation of the bathymetric data collected in the search area.
  11. Because available bathymetric data for the area is of poor resolution, the survey is necessary for the safe operation of towed equipment that will be used during the next phase of the search.
  12. Based on its morphology and the absence of any obvious lava flows that can be seen in the multibeam echosounder bathymetric data, it is hypothesized that this structure is a possible oceanic impact crater.
  13. :: : :'Censored'is the wrong word, to quote from a book by Naomi Oreskes " Another group at Lamont had focused on bathymetric data-measurements of the depth of the sea floor-primarily in the Atlantic.
  14. Some scientists were initially skeptical that such an error could exist, since a signature was present in various global terrain data sets, such as the bathymetric data from the General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans, which reported an elevation of over the location of Sandy Island.
  15. They consist typically of a tight grid of high resolution ( high frequency ) reflection seismology profiles to look for possible gas hazards in the shallow section beneath the seabed and detailed bathymetric data to look for possible obstacles on the seafloor ( e . g . shipwrecks, existing pipelines ) using multibeam echosounders.

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