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  1. For the mu1ti - - beam swath bathymeter , array miniaturization wi th wide covering width has cause peop1e ' s more attention
  2. Multi - beam swath bathymeter is a kind of newly developed advanced seafloor surveying equipment . it fits especially for mapping of large area of seafloor because of its high efficiency , high accuracy and fine terrain resolution
  3. This paper also ana1yzes the sidescan mapping princip1e of the mu1ti - - beam bathymeter , and process the avai 1ab1e data with sidescan mapping method to achieve the sidescan imagery represented by the reverberation strength
  4. A conc1usion can be drawn that these algorithms has better preci si on and fitting for the multi - - beam swath bathymeter system better on the condition of 1arge beam ang1e , and can improve the precision of edge beams in non - - specu1ar seabed region
  5. Applying the information extracted from numerous hydrographic data of field trials collected by h / hcs - 017 , the first set of multi - beam swath bathymeter developed in china , a series of mosaic techniques have been carefully studied in this thesis , including digital terrain model building , statistical error analyzing , hydrographic data mosaicking as well as tides correction and projection of the earth coordinates . finally , standard digital sea - charts and three dimensional seafloor images are successfully developed that are consistent with hydrographic surveying principles
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