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  1. The basic reference is the Uniform Guidelines On Employee Selection Procedures.
  2. It quickly became a basic reference for generations of his graduate students.
  3. |The article has a basic References section that contains sources of unknown reliability.
  4. His 1979 monograph summarizing the state of the subject is a basic reference source.
  5. :: The basic reference is galvanic cell.
  6. It's difficult to find basic reference in a sentence.
  7. But a basic reference is a calorie counter that breaks down foods by nutritional content.
  8. The work is now considered the foundation stone and basic reference of modern algebraic geometry.
  9. It only had the basic references tags.
  10. Help : Referencing for beginners is a good first read about basic referencing in Wikipedia.
  11. At all events, the work remained as a basic reference for several generations of ichthyologists.
  12. That will create a basic reference.
  13. His compendium " A Shakespeare Companion " was a basic reference work for a generation of readers.
  14. The last edition was completed in 1954 with the updated title, " Basic Reference Sources ".
  15. The Syntax remains a basic reference work for scholars of Middle English and the history of the English language.
  16. Finally, the speech finishes with a basic reference to the "'attention-getter " '.
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