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  1. The basic red lights have been supplemented by green and other colors.
  2. Basic Red Gazpacho Total time : 20 minutes plus time to chill
  3. In the earliest levels only the basic red bird is available.
  4. :GIMP has batch processing and a basic red-eye removal tool.
  5. Two examples of dyes produced by 2, 5-diaminotoluene are Cl Basic Red 2 and Cl Acid Brown 103.
  6. It's difficult to find basic red in a sentence.
  7. It's a basic red herring.
  8. In her glitzy coffee-table cookbook " Lorenza's Antipasti, " author Lorenza De'Medici recommends using canned tomatoes year-round when making basic red sauce.
  9. "It's a basic red-cooked-meat recipe, and the recipe calls for caramel, " said Patricia Yeo, the chef, referring to a Chinese cooking method.
  10. It had the basic red / blue state map with shades of color indicating whether a state was strong or weak for that particular candidate.
  11. Levi's basic Red Tab line, the uniform of the Woodstock era, accounts for more than half of the product mix, but is relegated to the third floor.
  12. However, accordint to the Wikipedia article and everything else I can find online, there seem to be four variations on the basic red / green problem-and the standard test doesn't distinguish between them.
  13. While characters like Exotic Adrian Street and Adorable Adrian Adonis romped around the ring in dresses, bows and makeup in the'70s and'80s, Billy and Chuck appear in basic red hot pants and white robes.
  14. Not only had the Corps'now-familiar green, black and white uniform motif not yet been adopted, but Yalan Gur altered the basic red uniform to more closely resemble the style of clothing worn by his countrymen.
  15. If Blount has a deep dark secret it's that he's something of a blusher himself : your basic red-blooded American writer made slightly uncomfortable by the acuity of his intelligence and the ( dare one say it ? ) sensitive side of his nature.
  16. Eastern art has generally worked in a style akin to Western medieval art, namely a concentration on surface patterning and local colour ( meaning the plain colour of an object, such as basic red for a red robe, rather than the modulations of that colour brought about by light, shade and reflection ).
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