basic reason in a sentence

"basic reason" in Chinese  
  1. All the banks cited the same basic reasons for slowing business.
  2. But O'Hare saw a more basic reason for concern.
  3. This is the basic reason for being in the business ."
  4. The basic reason is to help people build a better encyclopedia.
  5. Rushdie's appearance in Seattle came about for a basic reason.
  6. It's difficult to find basic reason in a sentence.
  7. It seems like most winter accidents usually occur for some basic reason,
  8. I play for the basic reason of loving the game.
  9. There are two basic reasons why EUD has become popular.
  10. The Iranian Revolution was the basic reason for formation of the Trust.
  11. Clarke and others say there are three basic reasons PCs keep getting cheaper:
  12. All cited the same basic reasons for slowing business.
  13. We need ballistic missile protection now more than ever for three basic reasons.
  14. We support such a visit for two basic reasons,
  15. I take for granted some basic reasons for installation art's rise.
  16. The basic reason for running, the basic vision, remains the same.
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