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  1. The new scheme largely abandoned the use of basic readers in the curriculum.
  2. Another contribution to children s literacy was the " Basic Reader Series ".
  3. In the middle 1960s, the New Basic Readers underwent heavy revision.
  4. In 2006, Joachim Grzega published a basic reader on common features of European languages.
  5. The basic reader-writers problem was first formulated and solved by Courtois " et al ."
  6. It's difficult to find basic reader in a sentence.
  7. In addition to phonics, students will practice reading and writing for 90 minutes a day using books from classroom libraries instead of basic readers.
  8. IRA is a professional society of nearly 100, 000 reading educators, founded in1956 by Dr . William Gray, author of the " Dick and Jane " series of basic readers.
  9. After his death in 2004 the Princeton University Press published new versions of all volumes as " Classical Chinese : A Basic Reader ", revised and updated by Geiss's coauthors Yuan and Tang.
  10. The basic reader which was disseminated and used by teacher was called " Dawn of the People " based on the themes of Sandino, Carlos Fonseca, and the Sandinista struggle against imperialism and defending the revolution.

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