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  1. Tallow derivatives are also basic raw materials in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.
  2. In the knowledge revolution, skilled people are our basic raw material.
  3. Most films are made from nearly the same basic raw materials.
  4. The aircraft is built from plans using basic raw materials.
  5. The basic raw materials used in the practicing of the craft are brass and copper sheets.
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  7. This deprived Bharat Floorings of their basic raw material and they had to almost close down.
  8. The wax is then replaced by the molten metal, often using brass scrap as basic raw material.
  9. Though futuristic in concept, successful high-tech ventures rely on the most basic raw materials _ money and people.
  10. Alternatively they are implementing technologies that enable the use of societal waste as a new basic raw material.
  11. The price of steel, their basic raw material, has soared, largely as a result of demand from China.
  12. The basic raw material, pine resin, once collected, is converted into two major products  rosin and turpentine.
  13. The company is one of the largest producers of polycrystalline silicon, the basic raw material for silicon-based computer components.
  14. This factory complex comprised a number of chemical plants and manufactured a range of fertilisers from basic raw materials.
  15. The basic raw materials required for the production of sports goods, are leather, wood, glue, nylon guts, rubber and chemicals.
  16. -Reduction of existing duty of 30 per cent to 25 per cent on polymer, basic raw materials for plastic industry.
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