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  1. As at March, 2009, the basic rate per man-day was $ 78.00.
  2. The company also eliminated its monthly minimum charge for basic rate customers.
  3. Prior to the act, surcharges were included in the basic rate charge.
  4. Terminal adapters typically connect to a basic rate interface ( U0 ).
  5. Basic rates would be frozen for the three years of the agreement.
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  7. N-ISDN basic rate is too low so for home as for business today.
  8. Basic rates for households with one telephone line should not change.
  9. A base rate is a phenomenon s basic rate of incidence.
  10. FIRM TAX CUTS CUT IN BASIC RATE ( bln pounds ) ( percentage point)
  11. The last time AT & T reduced basic rates for consumers was June 1992.
  12. With that, an actuary assigned each region to one of 19 basic rate structures.
  13. (Napocor )'s unbundling scheme which will restructure and reformat the state firm's basic rates.
  14. UNH was ninth in the all-important RPI, the basic rating used to evaluate teams.
  15. For example : In Pennsylvania there are two rates, basic rate and reissue rate.
  16. A value-added tax was introduced January 1, 1973 at a basic rate of 16 %.
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